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Includes 14 days of GoToMeeting Business for unlimited meetings with up to 250 participants.
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In today’s global workforce, online meeting tools need to be seamless, reliable and intelligent. GoToMeeting helps empower millions of users to work effectively and without boundaries every day. Now you can experience GoToMeeting absolutely free.

What’s included with GoToMeeting Free?

Host 40-minute meetings

Keep your meetings brief and on task. With 40 minute meetings you know everyone will stay on point.

Screen sharing and Webcam support

Broadcast a view of your desktop or of a specific application on Mac, iPhone or Android. Plus meet face-to-face with full webcam support.

Crystal clear VoIP audio

Talk is cheap. In fact, it’s free. There’s no charge for great audio.

Meet with up to 3 participants

Bring your 3 best friends, favorite clients or esteemed colleagues into the conversation. Host small group meetings or one-on-ones.

Mobile and browser-based meetings

It’s easy have 1-click meetings on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or the GoToMeeting mobile app for iOS and Android.

Chat throughout the meeting

The in-meeting chat allows you to add more context, share links or just have a productive side conversation.

Upgrade to get even more from GoToMeeting.

Whether you decide GoToMeeting Free has everything you need, or you want to upgrade to one of our paid options; you’ll always have a great meeting experience. See our plans and pricing for all the amazing features and benefits GoToMeeting has to offer.

No meeting time-limits

Take as much time as you need to get the job done. Your meetings will never time out.

Unlimited cloud recording

Record and share your meetings locally or in the cloud so you can listen again and share.

Meet with up to 250 people

Increase the number of participants in your meetings so you can get everyone on the same page at once.

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Includes 14 days of GoToMeeting Business.

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